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Family & Friends

Oiseta, Dreamer

I am Uktena, called Dreamer, or Oiseta. I have reached adulthood, and Grandmother Earth smiles upon me. I am now to learn the secrets of the spirit. I am strong, and I will learn well.

My training as Theurge begins soon, as does my Rite of Packhood with the others. I will be their spirit guide, and they will help me in their ways. In a way, we are to be family. Family stronger than the family of my mother and father.

Mika, Clever Raccoon

Mika As a Child
Young Mika
Mika as a child of perhaps ten

Today is the last day that I will be a child. Tonight, I will go through my Rite of Adulthood with three of my good friends: Okwire, Croatan; Motege, Wendigo; and Liir, the Red Talon puppy. I am Uktena.
My child-name is Mika, Clever Raccoon. That will change when I become an adult.

I can't wait for my Rite, not so much because I really want to be an adult, for I am perfectly content to remain a child for a while longer, but because I like watching the Rites, I like learning, I like knowing things others don't. I was called Mika because of this. I am curious, and like to get into things. It drove my mother mad.
Perhaps when I get a new name, I will change to suit it, and my mother will be at peace. Perhaps.


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