Character Sheet

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Richard Powell is a fairly well-known photographer in New York City. He married Mary Ann Thomas, a fashion desinger. When she gave birth to their first child, Eliot, she mostly gave up working to be at home with him.
When Eliot was eight years old, Mary Ann gave birth to Kat. After Kat was born, Mary Ann developed cancer and died, when Kat was five.
Richard met and married Jessica Baker when Kat was seven. When she turned eight, Jess gave birth to Olivia. Jess works as a freelance writer and artist.

Kat attended several very progressive (read: offbeat) schools growing up, which allowed her to pursue exactly what she was interested in: inventing, engineering, computers, etc. She spent a lot of her spare time growing up working in a spare room, which she converted to her own lab. She built and rebuilt computers, took gadgets and devices apart just to see how they worked and if she could put them back together, and she worked on her own ideas.
They didn't work, more often than not; she had amazing ideas, and a general idea of how it could work, but there was always something missing, something not quite right.

She spent summers with her brother Eliot visiting their grandpa just outside of Denver. Their grandfather, Joe Powell, was an inventor and pilot. He got Kat into tinkering and inventing, and he taught her to pilot his jets. He had retired early and rich because of something he had invented for the jets he piloted.
Their uncle, James Powell, also lived nearby, and during the summers would come around quite often to spend some time with his niece and nephew. He taught Kat to shoot, both rifles (for hunting) and handguns. Kat always loved her summers.

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