Laidey Summers
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Adelaide Arden Summers was born October 19, 1982 to Jonathan and Susan Summers in Lansing, Michigan. She's been drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil, and writing short stories and poetry ever since she learned to write. Her parents were quick to notice her talent, and encouraged it in every way they could.
When Laidey was nine years old, Jonathan lost his job and followed opportunity westward; he was offered a prominent position in Utah, and the small family moved to Sandy. The family was mildly religious, attending Mass on Christmas and Easter, and although they learned, quickly, about the LDS church, her parents were never terribly interested.

One night when Laidey was fourteen, she was spending the night at a friend's, because her parents were going down to Salt Lake to see Macbeth at Kingsbury Hall. Her parents got into a car accident with a drunk driver; none of them made it through the night.
As Laidey had no living relatives, she was sent to a foster home. She lived in five foster homes over the next three years, all over the valley. She never suffered serious abuse, but most of her caretakers were very busy, and weren't able to treat her the way she had been used to, as an only child. When she was seventeen, Laidey left her current foster home.

She found an abandoned warehouse to squat in for a few months, and discovered the most amazing freedom. Even though her parents had encouraged her in every possible way, she had still had school, and responsibilities at home, like chores. And once she entered the foster homes, it was worse; there was much less space for her, and the demands of other people pressing on her from every direction.
But here, in her warehouse, in her first studio, she had the complete freedom to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. And the thing she wanted to do most was to pursue her art. By this time she had expanded; she had added painting, charcoal, dance and violin to her repertoire.
The last thing she wanted in the world was to get a job, so instead, she started busking, playing the violin for coin. She also tried to sell her drawings on the streets, but had much less success with that, so mostly stuck to the music.
Laidey began learning everything she could, experiencing everything she could, in order to expand her art. She tried sculpture, created from pieces of junk she'd found.
Now, at 23, Laidey is gaining some attention as an artist. She is selling paintings and sculptures at a steady rate, if not as frequently as she'd like. She has moved into a fairly large studio apartment, and works on her art whenever she wants, practicing the violin on the streets, and dance at nightclubs; drawing, painting and creating her sculptures whenever she feels like it.

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