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Life Fluids: most commonly saliva, but blood for major ritual. Menstrual blood for moon rituals and other feminine mysteries.
Weapons: guns, swords, knives, bow/arrow; mostly for major ritual, but also for combat situations and any other appropriate workings.
Sex and Dance: ritualistic: Dance, however, can be used for stealth Magick in appropriate situations, and is often used for raising energy; Sex Magick is limited and best used for large workings with at least one other person who performs similar Magicks.
"Found" Ritual Items: good for stealth Magick and Magick on the fly. This category includes anything and everything that might be found on a sidewalk, in a trash can, in an office or at a subway station. Common items include: prizes from quarter machines, temporary tattoos, empty cups for the element Water, gum wrappers or anything shiny for mirror spells, crumpled paper for the element Fire, glow-in-the-dark paint (especially for protection spells), "capsule spells" (several themed items in those plastic quarter-machine balls), and salt, pepper, sugar and honey in packets from fast-food restaurants.


Life is not meant to be sterile and safe; the passions which so many fear are the things which keep our race alive. Although she values life, her ways are not kind, utilizing blood, sex, dance, and even occasional sacrifice. Life is savage joy, a howl of mingled pain, defiance and ecstasy. Life must be viewed with open eyes if one is to truly understand it.
Don't think for a second that the pulse of the world has been silenced. We hear it all the time; it's our music and our commandment. If our ways scare you, perhaps you should ask yourself why -- is it our passion that frightens you or your own?
Call me a bloody bitch, I am all that and more. But I can look in the mirror and say that I have lived. Can you, with your illusions of comfort, say the same?
Mage: the Ascension

Tannin is an urban primitive, foraging, hunting/gathering, using whatever she finds in the city as ritual tools in a shamanic manner. She's lived on the streets, in the most desperate of situations, and she's very pragmatic about magick. She looks for omens in sidewalks (looking for patterns of cracks and the deeper meaning behind the trash left behind by others), goes to grocery store quarter machines for daily divinations, etc.


Magpie flies to the arm of a woman. Black hair falls to her waist. Her full, naked breasts are parted by the leather strap of a quiver. Artemis, hunter goddess of all creatures. Warrior. She and magpie look down on me, covered in dirt and pine needles.
Her small, fine-boned leathery hand takes mine. She places it over my heart, which thumps hard against my flesh. A dozen heartbeats later, she pulls my resistant hand down, where she opens my fingers into a fan, and presses them firmly across my mound's lips.
"You," she looks into my eyes, "woman, are the purveyor of opening."
I'm pissed and impatient and wonder since when did the goddess who made love to bears speak in big words?
"Since when did the woman who calls herself a writer forget that in order to give life you must give death?" she answers.
I look into her lime green eyes, startled.
"Stand in your opening, Christina. Give death. And create."
Living on the Spine, Christina Nealson

Artemis the Virgin Huntress
(please note that Virgin here means belonging to no man, not virgin in the modern sense. Artemis has no problem with sex, but she belongs to herself and no one else.)
Artemis is the Bear goddess, goddess of women, women's mysteries (especially puberty), goddess of the hunt and of the wild, goddess of childbirth and the young.
She is earthy, blunt, not interested in social niceties. She is direct and to the point, and has very little patience for pretense and masks.

Call me a bloody bitch, I am all that and more. But I can look in the mirror and say that I have lived. Can you, with your illusions of comfort, say the same?