father: Jason, 50
Distant and overly-concerned with status and symbols of success. He loves his children in his own way, but puts more stock in their success than in their happiness.
Vice: Envy; Virtue: Fortitude
mother: Virginia, 43
Religious nearly to the point of obsession, concerned with what the neighbors think, unable to communicate love for her children in healthy ways, a bit of a martyr.
Vice: Pride; Virtue: Faith
sister: Arden, 18, August 7
Headstrong and overconfident, enthusiastic and energetic. She shares her sister's love of experience and desire to embrace everything good in life, but lacks her sister's restraint.
Vice: Lust; Virtue: Fortitude

Chloe grew up in Cupertino, CA (near Sacramento), with her family. Chloe and her younger sister Arden were unusually close, for the distance between them in age.
Chloe has always felt very protective of her younger sister, and the worst thing she felt she's ever done was leaving home when she was old enough to, abandoning her eleven-year-old sister to their family. Not that their family had ever been particularly horrible. No worse than most, surely, but Chloe always felt that it was not a very good place to grow up.


Chloe moved to Chicago at her first chance, the second she turned 18. She had been taking dance for as long as she could remember, and she earned her living teaching dance, once she got to Chicago. She got the smallest, cheapest apartment she could find that wasn't in a ghetto, and, with the dance-lessons money and money she got doing freelance work as a photographer and a writer, she managed to go to Columbia for dance, and also to take self-defense classes.
Arden waited till she had graduated high school before following her sister to Chicago, not even waiting till she was 18. Chloe had done well with dance, and had moved closer to the heart of the city, but when Arden told her she was coming out, and not waiting till August, Chloe found an apartment large enough for the two of them, and made sure her sister had a bed of her own her first night in Chicago.