Mrs. Theodosia Imlay


Theodosia Vanderbilt was raised in a proper English family, with a governess as a child, and a lady's maid as soon as she was no longer a child. She attended a finishing school, and then came back home to marry.

Three years after she came home, she went to France, still unmarried, to visit some friends. There she married M. Raoul Imlay.

Mrs. Theodosia Imlay gave birth to Frances Imlay shortly after her marriage.

Just before Fanny turned two, M. Imlay became sick. The physicians did all they could, but he finally died when Fanny was about three and a half. Then Mrs. Imlay moved to America for a fresh start, far from the tragic memories of her husband.

Frances Imlay

born: March 15, 1799
age: 4
sun sign: Pisces
moon sign: Cancer