Pia Loredan, Solificata of Venice

name: Pia Loredan
tradition: Solificati
concept: alchemist
daemon: Castellum
nature: seeker for truth
demeanor: devout Catholic
cabal: unknown

age: around 16
height: 5' 5"
weight: 110 lbs
hair: reddish brown
eyes: brown
appearance notes: Pia is petite, and always dresses appropriately, with never a hair out of place, though she usually smells faintly of chemicals, and her fingers are often stained with ink.


Pia is intellectually curious, down to earth, and yet strives to achieve in reality what she conceives in her mind. She is a perfectionist who struggles to produce order from what seems to be too much chaos floating around. She detests disorder, and is not keen on change for its own sake.
She is a good problem-solver when abstraction is called for. She is original and eccentric; she is also highly organized. Pia is independent, objective, self contained, and emotionally distant. However, the underlying goal of her activities and thoughts is the purification and Ascension of the human race.
She requires a secure and peaceful sanctuary where she can be alone to work and study.
Pia lacks direction and is insensitive, antisocial and vengeful, possessive and rejecting. She is frightened of change because she is rooted in the past. She uses passive aggression to full effect. She appears cold, insensitive, and emotionally distant. She blames others for her unhappiness, and keeps everyone at bay.

Nature / Demeanor

Nature: Seeker of Truth, Scientist, Alchemist
In her heart of hearts, Pia is always exploring. She believes in the purification of mankind through Science, that someday, all will be pure as gold, having gone through the fires of transformation.

Demeanor: devout Catholic, Believer
Pia must put on a face of piety for the outside world. Luckily, she is not called upon to speak often, for she would have trouble adopting the accents of True Faith. She sometimes marvels at the pretty rituals of Holy Mother Church, but mostly she wears a mask in public.
The mask holds deep, however, from long years of pretending, and sometimes it seems more than a mask.

Personal Quotes

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Theme Song

Erthe out of erthe is wonderly wroghte
Erthe hase geten one erthe a dignite of noghte
Erthe upon erthe hase sett alle his thoghte
How that erthe upon erthe may be heghe broghte

Erthe upon erthe wolde be a kinge
Bot how erthe to erthe shall thinkes he no thinge
When erthe bredes erthe and his rentes home bringe
Thane shall erthe of erthe have full harde parting

Memento, homo, quad cinis es
Et in cenerem reverentis

Erthe upon erthe winnes castells and towrres
Thane sayse erthe unto erthe, "This es al ourres"
When erthe upon erthe has bigged up his barres
Thane shall erthe for erthe suffere sharpe scowrres

Memento, homo, quad cinis es
Et in cenerem reverentis

Erthe goes upon erthe as molde upon molde
He that gose upon erthe, gleterande as golde
Like erthe never more go to erthe sholde
And yitt shall erthe unto erthe ga rathere than he wolde

Whye erthe lurves erthe, wondere me thinke
Or why erthe for erthe sholde other swete or swinke
For when erthe upon erthe has broughte within brinke
Thane shall erthe of erthe have a foul stinke

Memento, homo, quad cinis es
Et in cenerem reverentis

Memento, homo, quad cinis es
Et in cenerem reverentis

Erthe Upon Erthe, Mediaeval Baebes



Father Dante di Lucia

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