Loredan is a well-to-do noble family in Venice

Lisabetta del Bello married Giovanni Loredan when she was about sixteen. The marriage was arranged, and she didn't love him, but he was kind enough, and she wasn't unhappy. She gave birth to five children: three sons and two daughters. Only two lived to adulthood: her first daughter Pia, and her third son Iacopo. The graves of her other children are located near the house.
She died of a wasting disease when she was about twenty-seven; when Pia was about seven, and Iacopo was three.

Family Curse

Alessandra was married to a man she didn't love, and had an affair with a Gypsy woman's husband. The Gypsy cursed her and her line, that the first-born daughters of her blood would never know true and lasting love.
Alessandra already had one daughter, Caterina, who had survived past childhood. Caterina fell in love, and might have married for love (which is admittedly uncommon), but her love died mere months after they met, struck by lightning, and she married for political reasons, and was unhappy, but raised a daughter and two sons.
Caterina's daughter, Margherita, married the man she loved, and had two daughters by him, before he died in a hunting accident. Her first daughter, Gemma, married for love, and her husband died some years ago, from a fall from his horse. She married again, only a couple of years ago, choosing someone she could not love, but could live with.
Margherita's second daughter, Lisabetta, married Giovanni Loredan, and bore two children who have survived past childhood, Pia, her first daughter, and the eldest surviving child, and Iacopo, her third son, and the youngest surviving child.
Lisabetta herself succumbed to a wasting sickness shortly after giving birth to her fifth child, who was stillborn.