I was born in L.A. My parents loved me and each other. We lived comfortably. My parents encouraged me in every possible way.
People at school either were jealous of me, or wanted to use me. I didn't have many friends. There were always plenty of guys who wanted me, though, so I wasn't too lonely. I never dated very steadily; I wanted to have as much fun as possible. And I did.
Most of my family lived in San Francisco, and I visited them as often as possible. My cousin Vivian was my best friend.
The summer after my sophomore year in high school, my great-grandma, Maeve, died. She lived in San Francisco, of course, with the rest of my family. Her funeral was huge; I'd had no idea so many people knew her. But she lived in this huge mansion she inherited from her ... lover. No joke. I guess they did good stuff for the community, or something.
Anyway, that's when I met Darcy. Darcy and my cousin Callia were best friends, and he knew the rest of my family pretty well, too, so he came to the funeral and stuff.
So many times, I've wondered, Did my aunt Bridie, or even my grandma, ask him to befriend me? or tell him to? I also wouldn't put it past either of them to bewitch either or both of us. All I know is, it was like magic.
We hit it off, we liked each other immediately. He was four years older than me, but that didn't seem to matter. For me, it was easy. He was older, hot, an artist, and really easy-going. I don't know what he saw in me, an under-sized sixteen-year-old who's been around the block a couple times. I also wasn't very easy-going. I don't think that's changed.
He was going to UCLA, though, so we made plans to hang out once we were both back in LA.
He also taught me about Paganism. I had been dabbling in it before I met him, but he taught me a lot more. He was sort of my teacher.
I was still dating casually all through high school. I went to college, eventually. UCLA, like Darcy. I think he was basically my hero then. I looked up to him.
Anyway, I graduated, and stayed with my parents so I could write, and I wouldn't have to work. I've been writing stories ever since I was a kid.
Shortly after I graduated, things began to happen. I Awoke, met my Avatar, Blaize, and learned real Magick. I found out that Darcy was also a Mage, and he continued to be my teacher, my Mentor, teaching me about the new world I had entered.
I found out most of my family in San Francisco were Mages, that my mom knew about it, and had hidden it from me and my dad. I confronted her about it. I don't really want to talk about that. She lied to me. She lied to my dad. I don't know why. I don't know the truth.
So it was a bit of a relief that not long after that, I had a series of dreams my Avatar sent me. It took a few weeks, but I finally understood her message: go to San Francisco.
I had no idea why, and I was strangely reluctant to tell Darcy about it.
I did tell him I wanted to go to San Francisco, and he reacted ... not like I expected. He didn't want me to go, didn't give me a reason why not, and we had some pretty spectacular fights.
One day, I woke up from the worst dream in the whole series of increasingly serious dreams, and I knew: I had to go. Today. Tomorrow at the latest.
I spent the day packing. I told my parents I was leaving, and I left the next day. I didn't tell Darcy. I was tired of fighting with him. I stayed with my aunt Bridie for a little while, then found the Chantry of Rose Hill.
I was invited in, and the next year was one of the best of my life. I didn't need to pay rent or buy food, so I didn't really have to work (my parents sent me some money), and I was able to spend all my time writing, learning about Magick, and having fun. Viv and I hung out all the time. We went to clubs, met guys, had lots of fun and few responsiblities.
Then Viv died. The Technocracy killed her, and I couldn't do a damn thing to stop it.
Blaize nudged me into offering Julia, Viv's younger sister and still a Sleeper, my protection. She accepted.
Then Darcy moved to San Fransisco, moved into the Chantry, all under my nose, and completely without my knowledge. I hadn't spoken to him since I left LA, had hardly thought about him.
But as soon as I saw him on the other side of my door, I knew I had missed him. Knew I wanted him back in my life.
And everything was peaches for a while.
Then the new Mages moved in, and became my Cabal. Kassandra, Kyril, Kaiden, Volodya. First Kassandra insisted that Darcy had a thing for me, then the Technocracy insisted on purging San Fran of Mages and other Awakened Folk. Talk about a busy month.
Darcy moved out of the Chantry, accompanied by lots of drama. I had a Seeking, basically, my Avatar, dear Blaize, trying to tell me that I love Darcy. And of course, then I had to bank on Kassandra's being right about Darcy's feelings for me.
We found out the Technocracy wanted to kill everyone, and I had to go find Darcy, and persuade him to come back to the Chantry for safety. I also told him I loved him.
After the Sweep, we decided to fight back, allying ourselves to the fae, the werewolves, and maybe eventually to the vampires in the area. The Sweep hadn't left many Mages.
The werewolves were wonderful; the fae nothing but trouble. We ended up going back on our alliance with the fae in order to fight the corrupt fae who had taken over, so we could help the decent fae take back their place.
Darcy and I were "together".
We went into the Umbra to fight "pattern spiders" with the werewolves. Darcy was attacked, disfigured badly, and trapped in his own mind.
Then we left to fight the fae.
I wish I hadn't gone. I knew Darcy was going to wake up in an hour or two.
We held his funeral that night. I still don't understand why.
We took a journey through the Wraith-lands in order to rescue Julia (who'd been cloned to spy on us for the Technocracy).
I was told by Peter the Troubadour, a wraith, that he and I would meet again.
We rescued Julia, and I -- I had to sacrifice myself in order to save her and everyone else. I will give my life to save your life, I will value your next breath over my last breath. Should you die under my protection, I will avenge your death with my last breath, my last drop of blood.

Babe, you know life is a ride, but living's no fun when you're dead inside. I pierce myself to wake up my veins; I'd pierce my heart if I thought things would change.