Cyberpunk 2020



Her father, Patrick Murphy, was a Corp manager of one of EBM's weapons research facilities in Night City. He and her mother, Alisson Murphy, were murdered by Maelstrom gang members in a gang fight.

Life Events
17: a happy romance with Firebrand
18: her lover died in a mag-rail accident
19: nothing much
20: met a new friend, a coworker from EBM, Lillian (Diamonda)
21: she humiliated a Maelstrom gang member, Chain, and they are now enemies; he hates her, and goes into a killing rage when he sees her, however his buddies won't back him up
22: she found a new lover, Aries, but they became professional rivals; he loves her, but she no longer loves him

given name: Pheonix Murphy
handle: Firefly
role: Solo

apparent age: mid-twenties
height: 5'8"
weight: 130 lbs.
hair: reddish
eyes: brown
skin: pale
distinguishing marks: pattern of colorful word-shaped LEDs on her wrist, a Biomonitor.
appearance notes: She usually wears her hair up. She wears normal street clothes, and usually has a gun or two strapped on her person.

Team Members

Diamonda, Corporate Netrunner

Bling, Fixer